Cancer and the Law
Get an overview of cancer and the law. Find out about various legal issues that can stem from a cancer diagnosis, including employment law, insurance options and disability insurance, and laws that protect cancer patients.
Higher Education Accommodation & Student Loan Forgiveness
Learn about what types of protections are available to higher education students with cancer.


Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) is a program of the Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC), a 501C-3 non-profit, public interest advocacy organization that champions the civil rights of people with disabilities as well as those affected by cancer and other serious illness.  DRLC’s Cancer Legal Resource Center provides information through its national telephone assistance line, outreach programs and community activities to educate and to support cancer patients, their families, healthcare professionals and advocates on matters like maintaining employment through treatment, accessing healthcare and government benefits, taking medical leave and estate planning.  For a person with a cancer diagnosis, these issues often result in worry and confusion, which can be overwhelming.  When left unaddressed, patients may survive treatment to find their homes, jobs or insurance coverage gone.  When information is readily and easily accessible, quality outcomes for patient survivorship improve as stress and anxiety decrease.

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How can I help?

Your support is essential to DRLC’s Cancer Legal Resource Center because it enables the organization to continue establishing important rights and liberties for people with disabilities and serious illnesses. Please consider donating, volunteering or participating in pro bono opportunities. For more information on the above, including student externships and internships, please click here.