Since its founding in 1997, DRLC’s Cancer Legal Resource Center (CLRC) remains unique, providing invaluable cancer-related legal information and resources to people nationwide.  The success of the Center’s work is reflected in the enormous need for the information it provides. Throughout its 15-year history, CLRC has served more than one-half million people through its Telephone Assistance Line, conferences, seminars, workshops, education and outreach programs, and other cancer community activities.  Unfortunately, a cancer diagnosis may carry with it a variety of legal issues, including insurance appeals, employment rights and leave time, access to health care and government benefits, and estate planning.  These legal issues can cause people unnecessary worry, confusion and stress, and can be overwhelming.  When these legal issues are not addressed, people may find that although they have lived through treatment, they have lost their homes, jobs or insurance coverage.  Although it should not take legal resources to access health care, understand insurance options or preserve one’s job, it frequently does.  To contact the Center, please call (866) THE-CLRC.  To inquire about CLRC’s ability to participate in an event or to send materials, please click here.