CLRC Miscellaneous Publication List


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Caregiver Rights (2016)

This publication covers laws and resources that provide protection or assistance to people who are caregivers for people with cancer. (Text version here)


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Children & Young Adults and Cancer (2016)

This publication includes resources for children and young adults who are coping with their own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a parent or loved one.  It includes resources on support, transplants, camps/retreats/wishes, and financial assistance/scholarship programs. (Text version here)


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Clinical Trials (2017)

This publication provides information about clinical trials, including a basic overview of what trials are, how they are funded, costs associated with participating, insurance coverage and clinical trials, and resources for locating trials. (Text version here)


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Immigration - Travel to the US for treatment (2017)

This handout gives a general overview of the process for bringing someone to the United States for medical treatment, as well as immigration resources.


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Jóvenes y el cáncer (2017)

Este instructivo incluye recursos para los niños y adultos jóvenes con cancer.  Incluye organizaciones nacionales para el apoyo, sitios web para niños, organizaciones de trasplantes, campamentos/retiros/deseos, y asistencia financieras/becas.


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Medical Marijuana (2017)

This handout gives an overview of medical marijuana, including uses, access, and how medical marijuana is treated under state and federal law.


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Product Liability and Toxic Torts (2017)

This handout answers many basic questions that come up about cancer causing chemicals, known as carcinogens, and how to hold someone else responsible if you believe that someone else—such as a corporation, employer, or drug manufacturer—is responsible for your exposure to carcinogens.  


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CLRC webinars and recorded presentations are free and open to cancer patients and their families, survivors, caregivers, health care professionals and others coping with cancer.

Clinical Trials (2015)

This webinar gives an overview of clinical trials: what they are, why clinical trials are important, insurance coverage of clinical trials, and resources to locate trials you may be eligible for. Click here to view.

Five Legal Tips for Caregivers (2016)

Find out what your rights are under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the federal law that provides caregivers with options for taking time off work, and learn about additional protections available under state law, and about other issues involving caregivers, such as SS survivor benefits, probate, and advanced healthcare directives.  To watch a recording, click here.